I’ve always had a passion for small business and decided to launch TAB in the Denver West area in 2005. I consider entrepreneurial companies to be the economic engine of the country and TAB provides the perfect opportunity to work personally with innovative leaders.

What I love most about TAB is running the peer advisory boards. All members have unique businesses and every board has its own personality. The first realization leaders typically have when they join the board is that there’s an invaluable set of resources—their peers—who they can reach out to in both good and bad times.

Our TAB members are great business people who want to grow, change, learn and be held accountable. They learn tools to help them create high-performance businesses and then are free to pursue their vision and accomplish things they previously thought weren’t possible.  

It’s incredibly rewarding to hear members say the experience has changed their business and their life. That feedback is more satisfying than money—it feeds my soul.

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